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Sunnyview Kennels & Cattery


Our reviews…

“ Sunnyview have looked after our animals for almost ten years now and i wouldnt hesitate to recommend them. From boarding, day care and dog grooming, to looking after our cat and rabbits, they always do a fabulous job.

I have total confidence in Claire and her team, and know my dog feels the same way from his reaction when we drop him off. His whole body wags!”
Kate A

“ My little Frenchie Rocco absolutely loves it at Sunnyview, the kennels are lovely & the staff are always very friendly and professional at all times, they make your family pet feel comfortable and send regular updates and photos of them which is an absolute bonus!

I always know when I leave him at Sunnyview he is well looked after! Thank you 🙌🏻”.

“ Thanks so much Claire and all the girls at Sunnyview for taking such great care of Jet. We would be absolutely lost without you all. Knowing you guys are there and he is so well cared for allows us to travel without worry or stress. Thanks for doing all you can to fit him in when we’re stuck too.

Your all absolute superstars”.
Tack & Kerry

“ I got recommended by my neighbours to use these Sunnyview when I booked them in they were fantastic understood that my boys were not very good with other dogs, made sure my bear had his medication everyday they loved every minute of their stay. I was really worried about them and they messaged me to say they were doing fantastic and put pictures on their page. They looked so happy. Already booked for next year when we go away xxx”

” I’ve been taking my dogs to Sunny View ☀️ for approximately 8 years, I’ve only ever had fantastic experiences with Claire and all her team.

The facilities are exceptional, with plenty of safe outside spaces, the Moor walks are a great option for those high energy dogs like my two English springer spaniels.

With Kennels it’s always a worry.. are they gonna look after my baby’s? are they going to walk them?, rest assure I’ve seen how muddy Claire’s boot are, and you don’t get that from cleaning Kennals.”
Sarah E

“Our Boy has been boarding at Sunnyview for a year now, the staff are so friendly and always give him a lovely welcome , he gets so excited to see everyone!
He absolutely loves the Moorland walks which is a Great extra add on if your pet is staying a few days and needs a good walk. The staff share photos on social media when they go on their walks so you can see how much they love it.

The cost of an overnight board is very reasonable at £16, and there is no extra charge if you collect before 12pm the following day, this is an added bonus and helps us out so much if we are coming back from a trip away!”
Abby D

“We have 2 very awkward & particular Shar pei that can be hard work ! We had never left them anywhere before sunnyview and always feel completely at ease and extremely happy when we leave them knowing that they are being so well cared for we wouldn’t take them anywhere else ! 😊.”

“Claire and the Sunnyview team have been brilliant with Ernie, our rescue dog who is anxious and wary of strangers. They have taken the time to get to know him and understand his ‘quirks’ and we are very grateful for their perseverance, patience and affection”.
Rebecca Y

“We’ve used both the basic and ‘luxury’ kennels for our 9 and 4 year old terriers and been very happy with how they’ve been cared for. The pictures you send are a great way of keeping in touch while we’re away. Stan once came home with an upset tummy, but it was only because we forgot to ask him to be kept only on his regular

Never been any repeat issues since. Thanks to all the wonderful staff at Sunnyview.”

..”tried numerous kennels for my boisterous dog before finding Sunnyview. Wouldn’t let him go anywhere else, absolutely phenomenal staff and I always feel at ease knowing he’s there”.
Becky L