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Labdom Retrievers was registered with The Kennel Club in 2005.  Labdom is the prefix and affix which is the name Wayne and Lynn Mitchell have for all the dogs that they breed and own.

Wayne and Lynn have dogs whose name is preceded by Labdom, which denotes dogs they have bred.  They also have dogs whose name ends with Labdom, which denotes dogs  they have purchased into their Labdom kennel.  Although these are the Kennel Club names which the dogs are given at birth, the dogs are also known by their pet names.

Puppies and Dogs for Sale Stud Dogs

We carry out dog breeding with our black and yellow Labradors on an on-going basis.


We also have whelping facilities where we can whelp your bitch for you until the puppies are ready to come home to you relieving you of the time, worry and effort required to produce a healthy litter of puppies.

Dog Sales

We often have partially or fully trained Labrador Retriever dogs for sale. Please contact us for further information.

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