Gundog Training

Both Wayne and Lynn have qualified 6 times in 6 years for the International Gundog League Championship; between them, they have bred and/or trained 7 Field Trial winners and Field Trial Champions, winning 67 Field Trial awards with 10 different dogs and also winning 19 Field Trials. Both are members of around 70 gundog clubs throughout the country and regularly travel the country to compete in field trial competitions.


Our foremost thought in our training and facilities is to generate an excellent shooting companion for your individual needs.  Whether your gundog is a retriever on the peg, a rough shooting dog, a beating/picking up dog or even a trialling dog, we cater for all types of gundog training and all breeds of gundogs.  We begin by gaining both the trust and respect of your dog before moving onto voice, hand and whistle commands.

The training carried out depends on the age, ability and experience of your dog.  Your dog is assessed in the first few weeks of residence as to it’s suitability to be trained for the tasks you expect of it when you will be given an approximate timescale of how long it will take to train your dog to the standard you require.  Training is not an exact science therefore we do not make any guarantee which is why we do make ongoing evaluations of your dog and report progress to you.

For residential training we would normally expect to have the dog with us for a minimum of six weeks to achieve the basics in obedience required to progress gundog training to a basic level.

We do run gundog group training classes as well as one-to-one sessions or residential training.  One-to-one gundog training is normally carried out at the kennels on an hourly basis which will assist you in learning along with your dog.

Group training classes are available throughout the year (use the Contact Us option to register your interest and receive available dates OR call us on 01706815321).

Training Sessions:

  • Group Training Classes: 3 hour weekly session for 6 weeks (Average 6 people) OR day sessions with lunch included (held at Sunnyview) (Average 6 people).
  • One-to-one Session: Normally held at Sunnyview
  • Residential Training

We normally take dogs in for residential training from 9 months old.

Rabbit Pen

We have a rabbit pen available all year round with various animals roaming around.  The rabbit pen is an ideal training aid to assist in ‘steadying’ your dog to other animals running around.