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“I have been boarding my dog on day care with Sunnyview for the last three and a half years whilst I go to work and would highly recommend them.  My dog is always happy to see Wayne and Lynn and that speaks volumes to me – they go way beyond most other kennels.  When my dog was bitten by another dog (not whilst he was at Sunnyview) he was in a lot of pain and discomfort and they cared for him in their own home – now that’s what I call a caring kennels”

Polly Spruce

“Our William stays at Sunnyview Kennels about 6 to 8 times a year and despite him being a grumpy Jack Russell they cope well with him. William is very happy to go there and everyone at the kennels is very friendly and seem to have a genuine fondness for their charges and all of our friends and neighbours use them.” 

Lars Hansen

“Our little dog Bo stays several times a year at Sunnyview Kennels and has done for the past 9 years.  She always comes back to us happy and relaxed and there has never been a problem.  It’s great to go on holiday or have a weekend away and know your dog is well looked after and genuinely cared for.  We consider it as her holiday too!”

Michaela Greaves

“I bought a puppy who was bred by Wayne and Lynn in 2009.  They could not have been more helpful and I am absolutely delighted with the dog.  He has a great personality and temperament.  I would recommend anyone looking for a Labrador Retriever to go and see Wayne and Lynn”

Polly Spruce

“I get my dog groomed regularly at Sunnyview and I know she can be awkward but Lynn copes very well with her. She comes home all fluffy and smelling wonderful” 

Gale MacPherson

“Working my dogs is my hobby and sport. During the shooting season, we will be out picking-up over 60 days. Unfortunately my day job keeps me really busy throughout the summer and I don’t have time to put the work in to my dogs that is required. I have been dealing with Wayne and Lynn for 5 years, they have trained everything from puppy stage to problem dogs, each time turning out excellent shooting dogs and I could not recommend them highly enough.”

Steve Wilkinson

“It has been great to have Wayne as a one-to-one trainer as he is so good at putting the message across and there are no distractions, just you and your dog. This means you can ask questions and sort out any specific problems you are having. Wayne sees the problems even if you don’t notice they are there. The training facilities are very well laid out with training lanes, walls, fences and ponds preparing you for the real shooting field.”

Lorne Bunn